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Thoughts on the Boston Bombing / Manhunt Fiasco

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Preface – I am not the type who thinks everything is a ‘conspiracy’. I try to reserve judgement on things until I have enough data to judge the veracity of events based on the merits of the available facts. I am a conspiracy realist, not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ . By the definition of the word conspiracy, there are many conspiracies happening all over the world all the time. This is factual reality, you can, as they say, ‘look it up’. I have a tinfoil hat, but only take it out for special occasions.


Food for thought: I saw multiple reports of the MSM (mainstream media) broadcasting with a 5 minute delay tonight in Boston, to prevent showing anything too graphic for television. Stop. Live television has been broadcast with a delay for decades. To prevent showing streakers, cursing, a football fan mooning the camera, etc. If memory serves, this delay has traditionally been in the 10-30 second range. The only reason I can think of for needing a 5 minute delay is if someone is approving what is going out before it goes out to allow time for everything to be given the “O.K.” – I’m picturing some high level Fed in a trailer somewhere. Think about it. FIVE minutes is forever in live TV.


A good comment received on the above thoughts:   “Early in the night there was no live filter. But they fucked up too many things by reading off twitter and not knowing what was and wasn’t credible.”


My response:   Or they were ordered to do so. I Can’t see multiple networks and the people in charge of them all deciding to run a filter of the same extreme length at the same time. They do this shit for a living 24/7.




I feel strongly that the MSM has lost most of what little credibility it had left with much of the reasonably intelligent populace over  the past week.

The MSM was being totally slammed on Twitter tonight. EVERYONE seems to know they are basically worthless / entertainment at this point, except for relaying propaganda from the PTB (powers that be). I have been watching widely popular, live, breaking news events on twitter for over a year, as I have found it far better, quicker, and overall more accurate for information gathering purposes than television, Facebook, or various other methods. I do not ever recall seeing the volume or relentlessness of criticism and ridicule that  was heaped upon the MSM tonight, shortly before the suspect (dead man walking) was captured. The ‘tweets’ slamming the MSM outnumbered those commenting on actual events at times. This fills me with glee and hope for the future of our society. Some ‘tweets’ I liked:


“Quote of the day: As NBC News just cut to local cable news channel, a disembodied voice just said: “We don’t know shit.” ”


“BREAKING: CNN reporting that the boat is “dark-skinned.” ”


“Idiot on CNN comparing this to Zero Dark Thirty. You know, THE FUCKING MOVIE.”


“CNN BREAKING: A boat is a small vessel for traveling over water, propelled by oars, sails, or an engine.”


“Listening in on a police scanner. Much more reliable information than the news. Huh. This is nervewracking.”


Fox news just said he did the boston bombing, guilty!” Well then, it’s a wrap!


“NY Post reporting the boat is a Saudi national.”


“Boston police asking that info off radio scanners not be relayed on social media. All 222,000 of us.”


“NBC producer: Ted, we need you with Brian Willaims RIGHT NOW. Me: My name is Seth. Producer: Ok – Seth, then.”


“Do you get the feeling CNN has been getting their news from us?”


“CNN LETTING THE ZERO DARK THIRTY GUY TALK MORE! He is now saying his name has to do with his terror. WHAT?!”


“2 million people listening to the Boston Police Dept scanner!!! The power of livestreaming & social media.”


“Don’t tweet scanners. Main Stream Media needs 20 minutes to catch up with what we already know.”



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