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U.S. Student Loan Data From 2014

The overall amount of student debt outstanding has doubled since 2007 to around $1.3 trillion. The federal government’s direct lending represents more than 85% of origination volume.

Approximately 76% of federal student loans are originated with zero credit underwriting

The overall default rate (270 days without repayment) on outstanding federal student loan balances is 9.1%. Loans in deferment and forbearance represent an additional 22.7% of total outstanding loan balances.

Loan default rates by type of school:

  • Private non-profit: 5.2%
  • Public 9.6%
  • Private for profit: 13.6%

As of June 2014, $543 billion in loans are in repayment, while $545 billion in loans are not being repayed for various reasons. (In school, grace period, deferment, default, etc.)


Much of this borrowing  benefits for-profit schools. Students at for-profit universities are twice as likely to utilize federal student loans. Approximately 68% of the students at these schools either drop out or do not finish their degree programs within 6 years.

A larger percentage of students are taking out federal student loans (48% in 2012 versus 33% in 2002)

An average of 40% of students at four-year institutions (and 68% of students in for-profit institutions) do not graduate within six years, which means they most likely do not benefit from the income upside from a higher degree yet have the burden of student debt.




Student loan info starts on Pg. 52.

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